img4At raibakwt.com, we aim to provide freight factoring services for the use of professional truck drivers. Our freight factoring services will help truck drivers concentrate more on tasks that are necessary for their job. By doing these important tasks, without having to be distracted by unnecessary things, we hope that the truck drivers become more productive and increase their potential incomes through our assistance. Through our funding program, we also aim to make it easier for freight companies to be paid.

We are a website dedicated to providing easy access to freight factoring services exclusively to professional truck drivers and carriers. We aim to help carriers and professional truck drivers a means to find freight that they are able to haul easily. And we also provide assistance to those looking for funding their freight companies. We have been in service to many carrier companies, and we specialize in small owner operated freight companies to even larger fleets of freight trucks. We offer services that can cater to the different needs of the industry. Our goal is to provide the best factoring services to freight companies. Our mission at raibakwt.com is to assist in the funding and running of your freight company.